continued from Work in progress 

I could not read like Em. The girl was so hungry for reading, her mom was complaining to my mom that reading was a problem at their house. A problem! Mom could never understand that – I hated reading at the time. I would not pick up a book if not assigned by a teacher for homework. Em would lock herself in the bathroom and just read. I wanted to be like Emily!

I could not get high grades like Gaby. As much as I tried I was a B average student. Gaby was always in the A and A- bracket. The girl knew exactly what she was doing! Teachers knew what she was capable of and admired her for it. I wanted to be like Gabriela!

I could not run like Ady. She was a gazelle in training at all times. I admired her long figure. I had that too! She would sprint around the gymnasium in 24 seconds! The volleyball coach talked highly about her all the time. We all wanted to be like Adriana!

I couldn’t jump up at the volleyball net like Mel! I was sure the girl has springs in her ankles. She would clear the neat and could touch the top of it with her chin. She was fantastic and I looked up to her. I wanted to be like Melissa!

I was never popular. Back in elementary school we had our own version of the Plastics from Mean Girls and I was the one looking in… I wanted to be them so that others can like me too!

High school came around and I moved away across continents to live with my dad
… and he just said ‘be yourself’

I tried really hard to fit in and make friends. I had an accent and they made fun of me about it, so I refused to talk to most of the people because I was embarrassed to open my mouth.

Then I met Elitsa and we hit it off right away!  We both had something in common: we just moved away from our home country and English was not our forte! We were besties all throughout high school. She became the popular girl and I was still Eli’s friend. Which was good enough, I was used to it. But through all that, Eli helped me grow and become my own self!

We did homework together, spent most weekends together, went partying together, and drank together! We even worked together for a while at a couple of different jobs.

She taught me to become more confident!

She would say “different is good, nobody likes a copycat!


To be continued…