Why ‘Sand in the bikini’? 

I’ve been writing for a little while on my other blog, Caledon Acres, and being a website catered for farming life, I felt a bit constrained on content. I had to follow an imaginary guideline I set for myself and hopefully inspire other people with my stories.

But it suddenly became not enough.

Through this blogosphere we’ve created and made our home, I met some very nice people and they had stuff to talk about. Very interesting stuff!

HEY! I had things to say too, not just about chickens and dogs and cats and living on a farm.

I’m funny in my own way and find life to be humorous and sometimes twisted too! And so during a post about blog awards, I’ve had to answer the question of “how did you come up with your blog name”… and my answer was so boring! because the site name was boring – we live in Caledon and we own a bunch of Acres… But to my own defence, it’s very suited for the purpose of the website. The name is catchy and easy to spell in the Search tab.

Then I started following blogs with funny names. Blogs full of character and laughter! I enjoyed being among them. And just like a self-conscious copycat that I am, I looked into getting my own clean slate at blogging!

Welcome to Sand in the bikini!