A group of researchers made an announcement that has the car industry in jeopardy. All car manufacturers are literally shaking in their pants.

Different car makes and models have been tested over a period of (oh I don’t know…) eons and the study revealed over 90% of cars have malfunctioning turning signals.

This could be very dangerous!

One can only imagine…

You’re sitting in your car, listening to your favorite song on your favorite station and then BAM! someone suddenly slows down. And you look over their shoulder, ahead of their car, and nobody’s there. Now you start panicking and and you ask yourself if you should slow down really hard too, go around, or just honk. That would wake up the person in front of you! Then, just like that, the car swerves to the right and gets out of sight, like nothing happened.

What about if you’re going down the highway and you put on that audio book you always wanted to listen to. This time the the drive is long enough to make it worth while listening to a few chapters. …the frog just wanted to have some of that.. OMG this poor person just swerving through lanes! Looks like they are in a total hurry, maybe they missed their exit.

You made a quick stop at the grocery store after a whole day at the office. You have all your shopping bags neatly packed in the back and your making your way our of the parking lot. Your family is waiting for you to start dinner and the kids need the construction paper to finally finish that project. I mean, they had almost a month to finish it! … is this lady going straight? turning? which way? should you go around so you can turn left?

You just don’t know! Because no matter the car make or model of the person in front of you, the fucking signal just doesn’t work! EVER!

You’ve been warned!

P.S. I totally blame the driver’s inability to turn the head lights on an hour before dawn and during poor weather conditions… 

P.S.S. I had this exact conversation today during lunch with my dad and his co-workers. One of the guys with a Mercedes SUV decided to shed some light on the issue…. IF the signal would be working, the cars in the next lane would speed up so quickly that there would no space left to merge into, so he just takes everyone by surprise. To which we all said “no…it’s the Benz you’re driving…signals just don’t work and you won’t know because you never tried them!”

P.S.S.S signals don’t work in particular for Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Porsche… get the pattern?