… continued from Nobody likes a copycat

I am all grown up now. Or so the society wants me to be. When you pass the 30 years old line you kind of know what you are and what you are looking for for the future.

Gabriela and I remained best friends since first grade. We don’t talk very often, she’s busy with her own life back home and I with mine over here, in the Land of many lakes.

When we finished middle school and we were getting ready for high school, we also talked about own lives and how things will certainly change in the future. We both laid out a dream life we had in our mind. The common ground was by 30 year old he should have a husband, a cute house in the country, a nice car, maybe one or two kids, else we lived for nothing!

Well, 30 came and went, and I can show something for my hard work! I have a great spouse, a cute house in the country, a nice and big car, and I can definitely call my furry companions my kids! And I have 5 of those and a hand full for sure!

Mom still goes on about “be like the others”, but it just rolls off my shoulders now. Best defence mechanism I learned over the years: nod and smile, and in the end still do whatever the f- you want! Because that is what will make you more happy than following in someone else’s moccasins.

I don’t blame my mom for being that way. Her mom was the same. What I blame her for is being weak at breaking free of her own constant oppression she had to go through. She is retired now, and I can tell she is slowly learning to be more herself than ever! Nobody is watching over her shoulders now…

She still lives far away, and when she visits she admires all that we have accomplished in our lives, be it our education, financial stability, and popularity. We put our forces together and build a dreamy future! A life among animals and working for ourselves while raising a family.

Mom now wants to be part of this life. A life that I created. All on my own. Because I wanted to become someone. Someone that was not like Em, and Gaby, and Adi, and Mel. Someone that I liked and felt comfortable showing off with! I am my own expert in my own domain.

I am who I knew I can become!