… with a tint of Purple…

Heaven is definitely richer after the shocking news about the passing of Prince. Tributes and kind words were happening all over the media.

Prince was a legend. He was an inspiration and a mentor for so many people.

And he looovvveeeddd PURPLE! The little time he spent in Toronto, from 2001-2006 in his almost 20,000 sqft home on the Bridal Path which had a Purple room, was very memorable for all his neighbours. Even though he lived really close to a busy city, he was never spotted at any venues. Nobody could say “oh guess who I spotted at the coffee shop”, or the gas station, or the grocery store. He was that private and kept to himself.

Everyone agrees the legendary icons of the 80’s music industry are slowly vanishing… Kids of our kids will barely know of them. But hopefully just like “Elvis Presley has never left the room”, they will never leave our hearts.

On another note, Queen Elizabeth was celebrating her 90th birthday. Around Downtown Toronto, and other British territories, purple and gold beacons were lit in her honor.

But we know better!

Happy Earth Day everyone and may  you celebrate it how you see fit  🙂 

google doodle for Earth Day 2016