… well, almost killed the cats

We have two cats. or should I say we are servants to two cats? day in and day out. Mostly “day out”, because during “day in” they are nowhere to be found – they sleep hidden somewhere in the house. Cats are nocturnal and love to wander all night.

Well, almost all night!

They like to go out at about 9pm and decide the best time to come back in is around 3:30-4am… you know when all the spirits are out too! and so they scratch and scratch at the door until one of us gets awoken and lets them in. Last night it was my turn again to open the sliding door. I then filled their food bowl and went into the bathroom.

In the dark, I saw, out of the corner or my eye, their water bowl sitting next to the sink. It was full of water. I wondered “what in the hell was this doing here!? Mitchell must’ve forgotten to put it back for them”. I took it to the cats’ mat, put it down and went back to bed.

A few minutes later I jumped out of bed! “Why was the CLR cleaner out on the counter? and why was it sitting next to the sink too?” I quickly grabbed the cats’ bowl, went back into the bathroom and dumped it in the sink. It foamed going down the drain…

I turned on the lights, washed the water bowl thoroughly, and filled it will clean water.

Ya, last night I almost killed the cats