… funny reference to Seinfeld episode 

I enjoy having lunch with my dad every day of the week. Well, almost every day.There are days for doctor appointments and work outside the office and sick days! Or lunch out with colleagues and the co-op students, on their last day, as the school’s done for the summer.

Today was one of those ‘farewell co-op students’ lunch and dad told me about it last minute, early this morning. Today I also didn’t pack a brown paper bag lunch and was going to buy something from the cafeteria at his work. I did mention this during our brief phone conversation. No worries, we had a plan of attack!

He was to buy something from the cafeteria, bring it to my work (I am literally around the corner from him) and then keep driving to the restaurant and meet everyone else there.

Yes, bring it to me, because today was also the day Mitchell needed the car. And no one knew the stars would align so shitty and nothing would go as planned!

but anyway… Dad also sent me an email with the menu so I don’t start complaining about his “surprise me” choice! good thinking, dad! I picked the bacon cheeseburger with onion rings over the chicken and mushrooms shenanigans (we have chicken every.single.day at my house). Lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onions as toppings please…

Then I waited…and waited. He did say he has to be at the restaurant for noon hour. So we decided he should order at 11:30am and come to my work right after.

He never showed up! I got stood up by my own father… #youhadonejob

Update: He ended up bringing the cheeseburger for 2pm…with no pickles…