If you’ve ever met a person of European background you definitely know what I mean. You would ring the doorbell, say “Hello”, attempt to take off your coat and shoes and just like that the next question would be “so, what would you like to drink?”

It absolutely does not matter that it’s 10am or 3pm or if you ate anything prior to getting there.

Drinks are enjoyed more on an empty stomach” said no one that didn’t want to get smashed within the first 10 minutes of having walked through the door.

My family isn’t any different!

This past Sunday, we celebrated the Orthodox Easter.

We arrived at my uncle’s house around noon.

The living room table was set and appetizers were neatly arranged in festive serving plates. And I am not talking ‘chips and dips’ kind of appetizers. I am talking about a whole array of festive dishes like 3 different kinds of cheeses, 4 different kinds of salamis, stuffed peppers, tuna salad, caviar salad, boeuf salad, and of course painted eggs, to name a few…

As Mitchell and I walked past it and towards the sitting area we were confronted by my cousin with “what would you like to drink?” dreaded question. It did not matter that I did not have breakfast that morning, I was offered 4 different options of drinks and went with a nice cocktail prepared by her. (her bartending experience really pays off during times like these)

About 20 minutes later everyone had a drink in their hand. We toasted for health and wealth.

and, of course, Christ has Risen!

The 10 of us made our way to the table. We toasted again and started eating, everyone complimenting the chef(s) or asking where this salami or that cheese was bought from.

When everyone was done eating, we quickly cleared the table. It was game time! and “what does everyone want to drink?” Round 2 or 3 depending on who you asked… 

“give me a drink that will make me drunk the fastest, BUT sober me up right when it’s time to go home”, my dad said with a big smile on his face.

My cousin replied laughing “so, beer?” We all know you get to always rent the beer – it filters through you faster than water!

Hours later, the game had to come to an end and the BBQ had to be started.

and “what else does everyone want to drink?” Water was not on the menu! It rusts your insides.

Sizzling hot dishes were arranged back on the table. Everyone got a couple of spoon fulls of the most delicious mashed potatoes and tomato and cucumber salad. The choices of meat were lamb stakes, lamb squires, pork stakes, chicken drumsticks, and the traditional mititei.

and “what else does everyone want to drink?”

Conversations started on each side of the table; laughter and a good time were the highlights of the night! and “what else do you want to drink?”

On the way home, I asked Mitchell if he had a good time. He exclaimed “a fantastic time! but something was missing”


The lamb needed some butter; it wasn’t going down fast enough!


PS. at our next place we’re getting sheep so there’s plenty of lamb to go around. and we’ll grow the best wine grapes! Anybody else needs a drink?