In Eastern Europe, especially in Romania, we celebrate March 8th as International Woman’s Day and Mother’s Day. 

Back in early school grades, we created Mother’s Day cards and decorated them however we saw fit. Our picture had to be on it, nicely tucked in a corner, and we often wrote a poem too.

This year, I called my mom on March 8th and wished her Happy Mother’s Day. I’ve been doing that every year since I moved here. And she would giggle at the other end of the line, and would say ‘thank you’ and share a ‘remember when’ moment, then we would say our goodbyes and hang up.

This year, she flew over from Romania early, and she was here for the Canadian Mother’s Day. Last week Tuesday, I had nothing planned! I had decided brunch somewhere and call it a day.

Then Elitsa had to go and become famous and invited us for one of her events!

An absolute magical time with lots of food, drinks and live entertainment. Mom did not clue in at all… not even at the sight of Elitsa, her mom and sister 🙂 Only when she heard the keyboard, she knew something’s up and Elitsa’s voice made her smile!

My job as a daughter was done! #noothergiftsneeded