It seems that I am notorious to have dreams that can potentially be full of meaning. Too bad I cannot say 100% what they really mean and why I dreamed about them. The things that show up unexpectantly at night are sometimes full or colour, have distinctive faces and they even talk back to me…

Last night was again one of those nights.

I was in a hospital bed wearing a polka-dot gown. The dots were dark blue on a cream background. No other patients were in the room. The nurse approached me and handed me three babies. She got right up in my face and said “Here you go”. Her gesture made her arms swoosh on her outfit. The bonnet she was wearing had a light blue stripe across and was secured tightly with a couple of bobby pins. Her hands were warm and soft.

The three babies were very squirmy, and yet very quiet. Two girls and a boy. The boy had a little lime hat on and the girls’ hats were pink and dark red, respectively.

“Thank you. They are beautiful”, I said and the nurse smiled and turned around. She looked like she was preparing their bassinets.

“What day is today? I need to know what day it is… God forbid I forget the babies’ birthday!”

“May 10th” she said, only her head turning towards my way.

“May 10th it is… The man said, out of the three, one will have to be his, but which one? Do I keep two girls and give the boy? The boy came last…maybe keep the last two and give him the first girl…”

— Then the stupid cat started meowing for us to get up and feed them —


WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN!? I don’t have any kids, but wish they will come soon…

Quick online search revealed the following:

“In dream interpretations, babies are considered to be new beginnings. To dream of triplets is symbolic of attaining success in the least expected field. There are areas in lives when acceptance could be hard and coping with the standards and expectation in that certain field or aspect in life is difficult as well. But success is never impossible if persistence and willed actions is done. To dream of triplets gives you that hope to continue with your undertakings however impossible is the success for it; only requires the necessary effort and you will still succeed.” (

“To see triplets in your dream foretells that you will have success in situations where you expected failure. If you dreamed of giving birth to triplets, you will succeed in business and wealth, but have troubles in love. To hear or see crying triplets in your dream signifies the happy end of a disagreement. Also, 1. Great joy, a surprise is in the offing after a great period of suffering. 2. A feeling that obstacles can be overcome, usu­ally in business affairs. 3. Destiny or divine intervention is at hand.

Triplets or a musical trio – appearing in dreams symbolizes the divine trinity. Events or situations should be looked at carefully in terms of physical wants, emotional needs and spiritual requirements, then there can be the development of spiritual stability. Negative energy challenged three times is banished.” (

What does that even mean? 

PS. I personally think it has to do with the 3 most important things going on right now in my life: 1. selling our current house and move to a new one. 2. figuring out what am I going to do job wise after we move. 3. kids better come soon (clock’s ticking loudly!) BUT why I am I supposed to give away one of them? Does it mean one of my children will pass away in the future? Very sad to think about that, but I couldn’t help it.

PSS. But it also leaves the questions about WHY I am I supposed to give away one of them? and WHY do I need to decide which one? WHO is this man that ‘needs’ a baby of mine? Does it mean one of my children will pass away in the future? Very sad to think about that, but I couldn’t help it. Or does it mean I will have 2 kids with one man and 1 with another? Another twisted thought, but it JUST crossed my mind…