People will say you can’t and they will be right, until you say you can!

Have you ever wanted to achieve something in your life only to find that some people tell you that you can’t?

Or maybe you keep your dreams and goals a secret because you are afraid other people will laugh and tell you it’s impossible? Hiding it all away just so you can fit in?

There is a reason why other people will push and cajole us into “fitting in” even when we don’t, even when we desire and deserve more. […] read more here


Caledon Acres Homestead mostly happened because Mitchell and I wanted to prove everyone around us that it can be done! This was second to our own desire to fulfil our dream of living in the countryside and owning a hobby farm. It’s a never ending case of “watch me doing it” about anything that we’re told it’s hard and impossible to achieve.

As much as we have the full support of our close family, there are still raised eyebrows happening and sighs muting opinions and criticism. And we learned to brush them off our shoulders and keep our chins up.

“It’s only going to be you and I for the long run”, I tell Mitchell often.

We’re caught up in the “fancy” realtor dance right now, trying to sell our property and move to a bigger, better agricultural property. I cannot even count how many times I’ve cleaned the house from top to bottom, in the last 8 months, hoping for an offer, any offer! Then, an offer came, only to be a low ball, a slap in the face… we did entertain it and are still waiting for them to decide on meeting our offer. We shall see how that goes and for how long.

In the meantime, we live day by day, we expand our knowledge of homesteading and rearing animals, we fulfill our daily duties at the office, and we gaze at the stars looking for an answer or a sign about what’s best to do next.

My mom and dad would like me to work in an office until retirement age. I went to school for it and spent a lot of sleepless nights getting that piece of paper that landed me a perfect office job. I should not give that away for a dream! They both went to school to get away from farm work and cannot fantom me going in that direction and why would I ever want to?

Mitchell’s mom is a businesswoman, a devoted entrepreneur. She also knows rewards do not come easy and hard work is always involved. She provided us with her own share of opinions and suggestions, just like any mother would do.

Their fears of failure are spilling all over their power of judgement and their words reflect their concern about our future. Rightfully so, as parents, they should be scared and afraid of what will happen in the future, but we need them to voice their advice to us, not words of criticism and self-doubt. Nobody ever needs a “you’ll see I am right” encouragement prompt!

I continue to share with them my ideas, tips and tricks and other findings and resume to smiling and nodding when discussions get too heated about our certainty of what we want to do and the path we want to follow.

The pressure is there, but our hunger for a better lifestyle is bigger!

In the end, it’s us against them and we shall survive no matter what! 😉 



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