The dictionary definition of ‘luck’ is “success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions”.

When was the last time you counted your lucky stars? Or wished upon your lucky stars for something to happen? something magical, something worth talking about… anything that will make you the luckiest person alive.

I believe that every action has a reaction; every action is followed by a consequence. It’s how the Universe works – in harmony with its inhabitants. What you put out you are bound to get back, and sometimes you get it back by the bucket full!

Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it!

How many times have you heard that before? And many times it’s said to you because your thoughts are dark and you need to start thinking positive. Never exclaim “what else could go wrong?” – it’s only a matter of time until you find out…

Many times, there’s a need for a good rain before the sun really shines hot.

Several years ago, while working at the bank, we were out for the yearly “employee appreciation day”. We went to the horse racetrack! (the exclamation point is for my love for horses) The day consisted of lots of food, drinks, horse betting, laughter, and new friendships. I learned a few betting tricks, but not enough to win me any jackpots. I cut my losses short with “I never win anything anyway” attitude. Towards the end of the event, they started calling out the numbers for the raffle tickets. I had only one ticket. I didn’t see the value in buying more. It was one free ticket the company gave everyone as a “good luck” token. Numbers were being called out and people chose their prize from a table full of random items.

The third last ticket was called out. With a mouth full of cake I raised my hand in AWWW that I actually won something that day. I went up to claim my prize. A huge oil painting was left, a golf club bag (with a few clubs in it), and a six people tent! I was really eyeing the painting, it would go great in my living room, BUT the six people tent would be so much more useful…

I still have and use that tent every camping trip I go to!


To my horror, I thought Jamaica is in Africa – don’t ask. Mitchell and I were watching a documentary about drugs and hot spots and he had a good laugh when I asked where Jamaica is actually located.  I should’ve Googled that! lol

Last year, our local radio ran a raffle and the winners were awarded 2 tickets to Jamaica. The more “tickets” you bought with points, the more chances to win. By listening and entering correct song titles, you would gain points. My birthday got me 10 “tickets” worth of points, plus the 6 I already had, it was a LONG shot, but I had nothing to lose.

Last week of winners callout, I dropped Mitchell off to work, and as I was on my way to the office, my cell phone rang. It was my aunt. She never calls! At least not at 7:30am! The calls kept dropping, but I managed to get the just of it – my name was called on the radio… I pulled in the first parking lot and turned on the radio to get the callback number. I panicked. I was running out of time – I had 10 minutes to call back. My phone was taking forever to load the radio web page, of course. With 28 seconds to spare, there was a voice at the other end of the line and I burst out “My-name-is-Laura-and-I-have-28-seconds!” all in one breath. The gentleman giggled and assured me all was well.

Jamaica trip was a fantastic gift for my 30th birthday and I will never forget where it is on the map and that it has no monkeys! (I will also never forget that aunt Flo decided to visit at the absolute wrong time!)


The same radio station ran another gig, at certain times during the day, after a prompt, you were to text the word “CASH” and a random texter was called back to play a game on-air. The game was to open bags of cash. You had the option to open the next bag, take the current “bag of cash”, or a random bust would have you walk away with $100 (a “thank you for playing” token of appreciation). The grand prize was $10,000. The last call out for the day was at 5:10pm and one I would constantly text, hoping for a chance to win. Then randomly one morning, I heard the prompt for 8:10am (at that time in the morning I’m usually busy with coffee making, emails, paperwork, etc). But that day I came in a little earlier to catch up on a few leftover items.

Needless to say, I picked up my big cheque a couple of weeks ago. It wasn’t $10,000, but it was a nice extra hand to help with bills and payment for the damages the winter storm did to my car back window and stop light.


I consider these a case of ‘lucky stars’! The time I rolled the car into the ditch.. not pretty, but so lucky to get out of it unharmed! But they don’t all have to be materialistic or monetary… I am also very lucky to be in a relationship with an understanding person, who puts up with a lot of my Aries’ trait of stubbornness (and other crap). You know he’s not perfect either, but we learnt to compromise and complement each other’s good sides 😉

Don’t get me wrong, I worked very hard for everything I have now in my life, but I can also say I bet my lucky stars to also help with stirring me in the right direction!

And I can never say ‘I never win anything’!