Every year, around this time, various Caution! messages get sent out. Be it via public broadcasting, online news, social media text and videos or plain “be careful out there” phone messages.

And every year some people fail to acknowledge the dangers they walk themselves into!

Every year people need to be reminded to never leave humans and pets alone in cars, even for the dreaded 5 minutes that they need to walk into a store and “come right back”. And every year there are multiple calls about living things being trapped in hot cars…

Every year people need to be reminded to take precaution while out in the wild, camping, hiking, canoeing, or just partying for the day by the lake. And every year there are multiple incidents of drowning, people getting lost on trails and missing, falling off cliffs while biking, or getting into fights while partying a little too much and way too late into the night. Unfortunately, younger crowds seem to get more involved in the last activity and a few lost their lives, just last weekend, from stabbing injuries (during the celebrations for Victoria Day in Canada).

Every year police needs to make a presence on the streets and highways to spot distracted drivers and the ones under the influence of alcohol or drugs. And every year there are multiple arrests made, fines given, and lives lost… Heavy feet also seem to “come out” in the summer!

It feels like as soon as the thermometer hits low 70s F and higher, the common sense level hits 50% and lower!

It’s truly a case of “I forgot how to behave/act/react in this particular situation!”

Just this past weekend, the parking lot of a quiet neighbourhood in the Greater Toronto Area became the scene of an amateur street fight. Several customers of Costco got into a fight over a parking spot! A fucking parking spot!! One man can be seen shoving a woman to the ground in the video. These folks should really be embarrassed!


The weather is so nice nowadays, why not park far from the entrance, enjoy the walk, be thankful for no car dents or scratches, and be proud to not be caught on camera fighting for a god’damn parking spot!


PS. my weekend consisted of changing my clothes multiple times due to being drenched and drinking beer for re-hydration while spending time in my backyard 😉

BE GOOD! STAY SAFE THIS SUMMER! and remember to watch out for the crazies!