“We’re drowning in information and starving for knowledge” – John Naisbitt

Isn’t that the truth? The naked truth… You don’t believe me? Google it!

and that’s what we do about any and all questions/concerns/symptoms we have and don’t want to ask another person. Or we are just hungry for answers.

The Internet was invented as a mean of communication between military officials. Back in 1985, it was someone’s “baby”, but what does it mean for you now? nothing? everything? Some people cannot live without the Internet… myself included. We are in the middle of looking for a new property and honest to God no matter how pretty, spacious, great the house/location/property is if it does not have an Internet connection available then no deal!

We are never starved for information. We are actually being bombarded with it from all directions… at home, work and even on the go.  We are overwhelmed with excessive facts and data and in most cases we don’t even know what they all really mean or what to do with them… And put some fancy English words in a headline and you lost me completely!! especially if I don’t have time or energy to Google that shit … always remember the KISS rule when trying to get your message across, else folks like me will go for the next best thing 😉 

I bet you Googled the KISS method or made a mental note to look it up later 😉 

But what do we do with all this information overload? The practice is what kills us. In theory, we would know what to do, but practically, we don’t. We are all easily educated on any subject, and we could understand what it all means, but leave us to our own devices and we fail miserably! We fail because no one puts emphasis on “doing it” anymore. Everything you ever needed to know about ANYTHING is readily available – just go read or watch a video about it. It’s all out there, you just need to be hungry for it so you can find your way to it. But, unless you do the THING you are researching about, you know nothing; except you understand THE concept!

Our world lacks skilled workers. We have plenty intelligent workers; there’s a mass of people with degrees and high pay, but there’s a huge need for trade workers… Remember the days of the seamstress lady and the blacksmith? Very few are left that do it for a living and it’s because the industrialisation revolution and automation of many processes took their jobs away…

Back to my property search – I have a whole list of items that need to be met to satisfy me and make the move worth it. You see, I want to be a farmer and, to be successful doing that, I need to have access to different trades to help me in the whole “from my farm to your table” process. Yes, I need to find a place that is close to a home hardware store, the gas station, the hospital, the school, and the farmer’s market, but I also need to find fence men, an animal vet that would come out to the farm, a farrier, accessible licensed butcher, be close to customers, etc. As much as I want to be a jack of all trades, I’ll really be a master of none if I spread myself too thin. And these types of people that farmers need are very few and far between…

I currently work in the construction industry and there is a shortage of carpenters, insulators and plumbers… nobody wants to do the hard and dirty works anymore and it’s all because they are paid unfairly! Our parents wanted us all to be doctors and scientists and make good money, and move to the big city and live the life they never had. I see the slight disappointment on my parents’ faces when I tell them I want to work on a farm… clean poo and milk cows. It’s because they ran away from farm work. They went to school so they won’t ever have to clean manure ever again! They see it as an unsuccessful path because it is not paid well.


But who’s fault is it?


PS. I was talking to my dad at lunch a little bit about this and he mentioned about an opening at the hospital where my stepmom works. He said he told my sister she should look into becoming a radiologist… Then they started guessing how much the position paid (at the said hospital). After $200,000/yr my sister gave up guessing. The position was advertised to be paying $350,000/yr. I have a slight idea about what a radiologist does (I could always Google it for further insight lol), but not in a million years I would’ve thought that’s the going pay – mind you, it is in Downtown Toronto, so the cost of living might have something to do with it, but f*** that! do they really pay over a quarter million dollars just because they can?

PSS. I came to realize I’ll never be a millionaire (unless I win the lotto ;)), but I will always be filthy rich having a little less stress in my life (farming is still quite intense), less commuting to work, and I’ll get to enjoy the house I worked so hard to pay for!