It definitely takes a certain person to be a real estate agent. Sales and communication skills aside, one needs to perfect their senses to be in tune with the client and put up with a lot!

I really believe my realtor agent (and friend) has it all!

We met in May 2009 in Cuba… I was on vacation with my whole family on dad’s side and my best friend. Actually, my best friend and I were the “tag-along to my dad’s vacation” people lol

We decided way before we left that everyone is left to their own schedule and can go ahead and plan and do whatever their heart desires. If an activity coincided with the other group’s plans we would gladly do things together… like go to the beach in the morning and sit together; go snorkelling together; eat meals together…

During one of those presentations “Welcome to Cuba, here’s what your money can buy”, I said out loud to my dad that maybe we should go swim with the dolphins one of the days. At the end of the presentation, two girls approached us and asked if we really wanted to go swimming with the dolphins they would like to tag along so we could get a group discount… We said we’re not really sure if we will go, but we can definitely consider the option if we decide to go.

We never went swimming with the dolphins…

But, the next morning, my best friend and I decided to ask the girls if we could join them for breakfast at their table. They agreed and we started to get to know each other. The simple where is everyone from broke the ice (after we knew each other’s names) and we were delighted to hear we were a “stone throw” away from each other. Well, not literally, but when you live in or around Toronto anyone that lives at about an hour from you is technically your next door neighbour 🙂 We found out they were sisters and on a quiet sister-getaway. They also played a game with us when we asked what they do for a living. One of them said well, one of us is a real estate agent and one a nurse – can you guess which one?

One looked very lady-like, hair in a braid, long dress and had a huge smile. The other girl had short, spiky blonde hair, tattoos and looked like the outdoorsy type that loved to meet new people and enjoy connecting with potential buyers and sellers. ANNNNDDDD we got it aalllll wrong! After that, we spent almost every day together exploring the resort, tanning by the beach or enjoying a drink at the bar.

In the bus, on the way back to the airport, I said to the girl “when I buy my first house, you can be the real estate agent”. DONE DEAL!

…and the rest is history…

Over the years, we became very good friends, spent time together at parties, and she helped me buy and sell my first house, sell Mitchell’s house, buy and sell our current farm house, and we’re together again on this adventure to buy yet another farm house. She absolutely loves it! I am one of the few clients that want agricultural properties and she has tonnes of fun going through old barns, look at family pictures in the houses, and inspect “a creepy, dirt floor, spider-webbed 1850s crawl space basement” (her words). We laugh at how ridiculous or impossible my requests sometimes are – we currently need a quick-closing house, so I told her we could move in with the sellers and we live together until they can move out. Totally doable, right!?Think about it, they could shows us the ropes of the property. Nonsense aside, we get right to business when serious attitude is needed! (poker face and all)

House hunting is serious business and it can be a very frustrating, nail-biting, hair-pulling experience and one (me!) needs the reassurance that in the end everything will be okk. Even though every house I really liked was either beyond crap (damn pictures are so deceiving!), was already sold conditionally or it sold the very next day!

Yesterday, she said she has a feeling this weekend we will find what we are looking for!

I sent this to her and said it described her attitude perfectly

Give your agent lots of credit for what they do! Hug your agent once in a while!
Never underestimate him/her – they know exactly what they are doing! (at least the really good ones do)