“While a picture may be worth a thousand words, a thousand words don’t necessarily add up to a picture” —  

After reading Chris’s post I started thinking how true that statement really is. I mean we all have the capability to “picture” in our mind the words that are spoken to us, but the perspective is always personal; the final picture is always one’s own and hard to explain back into words! think back to all the books you’ve read before the movie, then went to watch the movie and exclaimed to no one in particular “that’s not how I pictured so-and-so looked like!” 

Well, the opposite is oh so very true too… Our house hunting continues and I have spent hours going over listings online and making notes about different properties. Some listing agents are definitely better at taking pictures than others!

Given that we work full-time during the week, time to go see properties is allotted for weekends. There are a lot of hours from an appointment being confirmed to actually being at the house to view it and, in that time, I shuffle through the pictures a million times looking for stuff. I don’t know exactly what it is I am looking for, but my mind starts foreseeing what can and cannot be done with that place. And sometimes I think about them a little too much, to the point that I found THE ONE many times from 4-5 options before we even got to see them.

…and then I got flat out disappointed…

It happened with 4 houses so far! Both Mitchell and I were thrilled about the description, location, pictures… we even started planning where our furniture would go, how the land would be fenced. All that day-dreaming only to arrive at the place and realise it was complete garbage. The opposite is, of course, true – poor quality pictures and “low ranking” properties were actually a lot more decent and could potentially work.

Everything happens for a reason and all in due time.

All the properties we looked at are about 2.5 hours away from where we live now, so day trips are needed to pack in the schedule as many houses as one can see before losing their mind! This past weekend was just like that, packed with houses to see. Then, our agent got a call that one of the properties we are to see is coming off the market. We quickly went back to the basket of choices and picked another house that was available to see. It ranked quite low on the scale because of low acreage and “shady” pictures. 

It was the last house we saw that day… and the one we put an offer for last night!


Real estate pictures do not tell stories… they lure you into a dark emotional ride!

PS. if everything goes well during this last realtor tango dance, this will be the view from the back deck.