There are writing challenges happening everywhere. One just needs to be open to a just write attitude! I was delighted to help a blogosphere friend, Sonya, with a few prompts for an All Day FlashFiction Stories, hosted by Damon L. Wakes.

Remember this? Oprah made millions from this one Tweet 


I’ve been reading Sonya’s stories for quite some time and when she asked her readers for help with this challenge, THIS was the first thing that crossed my mind! I wondered what she would come up with… all her stories have a twist! 

Sonya writes: “My local shop have installed a bread oven. The moment you walk in, the aroma assaults you. I know what they want to achieve – recreate that warm, homey feeling everybody associates with fresh bread.”

… you will find the end of the story on her page (Story #7). Then go ahead and READ ALL THE OTHER STORIES! 

I promise you won’t be disappointed!