It feels like yesterday I said goodbye to my workplace, down in the big city. Since then I have been busy unpacking, arranging and rearranging, and welcoming new critters to our new home.

I only had experience with raising chickens. I’ve been around cows, horses, pigs, geese and chickens, but that’s about all that my grandmother raised for her self-sustained life. Never sheep nor goats. Ducks were also out of the question. She used to say their eggs are too fatty and their meat is too tough… Ducks are great for pest control just like chickens, plus they don’t dig all around the garden and their eggs are magnificent and creamy and fantastic for any dessert recipe!

Goats are so much fun! We brought home two adults and two kids – a billy goat, a nanny, and two kids. The billy goat is half Alpine and he definitely has the characteristics of a mountain goat – huge horns and tall standing. I am a bit scared of him and I think he knows it too, as he pushes his limits at times. The nanny goat, Valentine is a sweetheart! always looking for attention if you’re around. She came as a milking goat and every morning we have our bonding moment. In a very short time, I forgot about her tiny horns, and she turned her head one day and accidentally got me in the mouth with a horn… in mear seconds I felt my tooth crack and pieces falling. I told the lady at the dentist’s office that I broke it in a bar fight just to see her reaction!

30 days and so much has happened! We now have one puppy in training to become a livestock guardian dog, 4 goats, one sheep, over 40 ducklings and 1 adult rescued lady duck, 23 of our own hatched chicks and 100 broilers, as well as our previous 5 chickens and Mr King, the rooster!


Photo by Rachel Crowe. Click here for high-resolution photo.
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