I’ve been away from this blog for too long.

I wasn’t even sure how to get back into it… what to write about to continue the rambling string. Well, I looked at the daily prompts for the month of April and picked the one for my birthday.

And there was the word blindly.

Well, within the last few months I learned that I cannot do any of this blindly. At the old place, with a job in the city, everything was on a schedule, repetitive, with very little changes (except when traffic was diverted to a new road). I woke up at the same time each day, washed up, got dressed, got in the car and used the same route to get to the office. Worked the 8.5 hours I was required to and drove back home. Just like everyone else. We were all out on the road in the morning, and again at the end of the “business day”. All of us rushing home during morning and afternoon rush hour. Driving to and from work was a time of auto-pilot setting and a time to gather my thoughts; it was a time to plan ahead or re-think the past…

On the farm, I cannot do that! There’s no auto-pilot mode, there’s no dwelling the past or over-thinking the little things. I can’t cry over spilt milk.litteraly. If I ever go into any of the tasks blindly, I end up messing things up. Some major things happened when my mind was not focused on the task at hand. I mean, I tend to get distracted easily anyway ( 😀 ) so having my inner thoughts stay quiet, while I am outside, becomes a bit of a challenge some days. Every task has me focused and at the end of chores I can sit down and look everything over and see if I missed anything.

Every day is different – challenging or easy going. Things usually run smoothly and the day passes rather fast, but at times you run into issues like a sick animal or a curious goat stuck in the fence. Losing livestock is really hard on the heart – a chicken or a duck is not just that for us… We care for all of them and love them equally, regardless if they are raised for the market or for breeding stock. I want them all to be happy and healthy and live a content life.

I left the rat race to take off the blinders and not just “work” but live through my work 🙂