The Romanian flag has three colours: blue, yellow and red. In the early grades, we learned the national anthem and the significance of the flag and its colours.

Blue (freedom) is for the clear skies over the country, the conscious mind of its people, the faith and strength with which we are connected to each other and the land. Yellow (justice) is for the wealth of the country, its prestige and power. It also correlates with the yellow colour found on the fields of wheat, before harvest. Red (brotherhood) is for the bloodshed on the land by our ancestors who fought for our freedom.

A decade and a half ago I moved halfway across the world, to a country that coincidentally has the colour red on its flag… and a maple leaf. The red represents hardiness, bravery, and strength. The maple leaf is the national emblem of the Canadian land and its people.

It seems that the colour red tends to have similar meaning throughout different world cultures and traditions. According to psychologists, the colour red excites and fires up emotions, some stronger than others, some positive and some negative. Red is the colour of Cupid and the Devil, the colour of passionate love and war, the colour of seduction and violence, the colour of blood and fire.

‘Red’ is known to be the ‘hottest’ primary colour as well as most noticed of the pallet due to being a colour that our eyes’ focus tends to bring forward first. This is why we tend to quickly notice red-hot lips, big red clown shoes, the fire truck, the Red Cross, etc

Turns out my ‘constellation’ colour is RED and as I found that out I wasn’t very surprised because burgundy is my favourite colour 🙂