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The color RED

The Romanian flag has three colours: blue, yellow and red. In the early grades, we learned the national anthem and the significance of the flag and its colours. Continue reading “The color RED”

The story behind a door

I often think doors are veils to homes. Each have a distinct character, speaking volumes of the people living behind the door. It’s fun to guess what could possibly be behind a door — an array of secrets, emotions, and mysteries. A home with laughter, heartaches, hopes, banter, and more. Divyakshi Gupta

Continue reading “The story behind a door”

“I don’t want you turning out like your grandmother”

The other day, mom and I had a girl to girl talk as we looked over old pictures. We talked about her childhood and what she liked the most, as well as what she hated the most. Continue reading ““I don’t want you turning out like your grandmother””

We’re drowning in information

“We’re drowning in information and starving for knowledge” – John Naisbitt Continue reading “We’re drowning in information”

I’ll have the tomato juice, please

I was inspired to write about this life event by my blogosphere friend’s post ‘A matter of taste’ Continue reading “I’ll have the tomato juice, please”

Luck comes in different shapes and forms

The dictionary definition of ‘luck’ is “success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions”. Continue reading “Luck comes in different shapes and forms”

People will say you can’t…

People will say you can’t and they will be right, until you say you can! Continue reading “People will say you can’t…”

That time my nostrils suffered

I was back from school (6th grade). I opened the door and almost gagged… Mom came out of the kitchen to greet me Continue reading “That time my nostrils suffered”

I dreamed of triplets

It seems that I am notorious to have dreams that can potentially be full of meaning.  Continue reading “I dreamed of triplets”

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