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Camping night

“The shirt I have on should be enough until later tonight”, I kept telling myself while stretching the bottom of the loose t-shirt I was wearing. The wind was going through it, but we had to finish putting up the tent before nightfall.  Continue reading “Camping night”


Sleeping arrangement

It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last. Continue reading “Sleeping arrangement”

I dreamed of triplets

It seems that I am notorious to have dreams that can potentially be full of meaning.  Continue reading “I dreamed of triplets”

Don’t take life into your own hands!

My blogosphere friend Marcy wrote about a nasty car accident she witnessed. Her last words sent out a powerful message.  Continue reading “Don’t take life into your own hands!”

My family loves food and alcohol!

If you’ve ever met a person of European background you definitely know what I mean. You would ring the doorbell, say “Hello”, attempt to take off your coat and shoes and just like that the next question would be “so, what would you like to drink?” Continue reading “My family loves food and alcohol!”

My brain wouldn’t shut down!

The most bizzare thing happened to me last night! I could not get my brain to shut down. It just wouldn’t shut up and let my body rest for the night… Continue reading “My brain wouldn’t shut down!”

That time I killed the cats

… well, almost killed the cats

We have two cats. or should I say we are servants to two cats? day in and day out. Mostly “day out”, because during “day in” they are nowhere to be found – they sleep hidden somewhere in the house.  Continue reading “That time I killed the cats”

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