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Don’t stop until you get there

I am exhausted.

Continue reading “Don’t stop until you get there”

Camping night

“The shirt I have on should be enough until later tonight”, I kept telling myself while stretching the bottom of the loose t-shirt I was wearing. The wind was going through it, but we had to finish putting up the tent before nightfall.  Continue reading “Camping night”

Sleeping arrangement

It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last. Continue reading “Sleeping arrangement”

Heat temps trump common sense!

Every year, around this time, various Caution! messages get sent out. Be it via public broadcasting, online news, social media text and videos or plain “be careful out there” phone messages. Continue reading “Heat temps trump common sense!”

A week of flames…

Today marks one week since the wildfires started in Alberta, Canada and spread quickly through Fort McMurry town. Continue reading “A week of flames…”

Don’t take life into your own hands!

My blogosphere friend Marcy wrote about a nasty car accident she witnessed. Her last words sent out a powerful message.  Continue reading “Don’t take life into your own hands!”

Signaling situation


A group of researchers made an announcement that has the car industry in jeopardy. All car manufacturers are literally shaking in their pants. Continue reading “Signaling situation”

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