Sand In The Bikini

Writings about the irritations of daily life

Here and now

Closing the gap between the past and the present starts now. Continue reading “Here and now”

Waiting patiently

We got to a point in society where we look for instant gratification in everything… Continue reading “Waiting patiently”

The color RED

The Romanian flag has three colours: blue, yellow and red. In the early grades, we learned the national anthem and the significance of the flag and its colours. Continue reading “The color RED”

Lift the curtains up

I’ve been away from this blog for too long. Continue reading “Lift the curtains up”

3LineTales – 30 days and counting

It feels like yesterday I said goodbye to my workplace, down in the big city. Since then I have been busy unpacking, arranging and rearranging, and welcoming new critters to our new home. Continue reading “3LineTales – 30 days and counting”

3LineTales – That one drawer

‘What’s this?’
‘That’s the utility drawer…
you know, “just in case you need” items.’ Continue reading “3LineTales – That one drawer”

3LineTales – Cherry tree child

“Stay out of the cherry tree!” grandma would say.
She’d always sigh (and smile) at the sight
of stains on my shirt.
Continue reading “3LineTales – Cherry tree child”

3LineTales: All fired up

Being first at running track was all I knew…

Mom said I was so fast you could see fire left behind my feet!

My brothers ran equally as fast and they loved me for the challenge I posed.

Continue reading “3LineTales: All fired up”

3LineTales: A new beginning

Everything should be coming together as planned…

Many puzzle pieces are falling into place – soon, the new job title: Farm Girl.

 Duties and responsibilities include ‘everything under the sun’!

Continue reading “3LineTales: A new beginning”

Don’t stop until you get there

I am exhausted.

Continue reading “Don’t stop until you get there”

Camping night

“The shirt I have on should be enough until later tonight”, I kept telling myself while stretching the bottom of the loose t-shirt I was wearing. The wind was going through it, but we had to finish putting up the tent before nightfall.  Continue reading “Camping night”

3LineTales: Working towards a goal

He hated these boots! Steel toe and all. The laces were so goddamn long!

“You have to wear them no matter what”, she would tell him. “Safety first!”

He took another sip of water and proudly looked at the home he’d built for them.

Continue reading “3LineTales: Working towards a goal”

Sleeping arrangement

It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last. Continue reading “Sleeping arrangement”

The story behind a door

I often think doors are veils to homes. Each have a distinct character, speaking volumes of the people living behind the door. It’s fun to guess what could possibly be behind a door — an array of secrets, emotions, and mysteries. A home with laughter, heartaches, hopes, banter, and more. Divyakshi Gupta

Continue reading “The story behind a door”

3LineTales: The last run

We all started full of energy, cheering each other to go on!

As we approached the finish line, there was panic and terror.

My mind was getting foggy — “My last run in Boston

Continue reading “3LineTales: The last run”

And then I thought of ‘bread’

There are writing challenges happening everywhere. One just needs to be open to a just write attitude! I was delighted to help a blogosphere friend, Sonya, with a few prompts for an All Day FlashFiction Stories, hosted by Damon L. Wakes.

Continue reading “And then I thought of ‘bread’”

Pictures tell stories…

“While a picture may be worth a thousand words, a thousand words don’t necessarily add up to a picture” —   Continue reading “Pictures tell stories…”

3LineTales: Today is the day

The tables are all set. He gently pushed her hair behind her ear
and whispered “I’ll never forget the first time I looked into your eyes;
their sparks warmed my heart and showed me the Universe” Continue reading “3LineTales: Today is the day”

House hunting…

It definitely takes a certain person to be a real estate agent. Sales and communication skills aside, one needs to perfect their senses to be in tune with the client and put up with a lot! Continue reading “House hunting…”

“I don’t want you turning out like your grandmother”

The other day, mom and I had a girl to girl talk as we looked over old pictures. We talked about her childhood and what she liked the most, as well as what she hated the most. Continue reading ““I don’t want you turning out like your grandmother””

3LineTales: The last train

It’s stormy, cold and wet.
He’s set to board the train for noon.
In the end, I was the one that got away!  Continue reading “3LineTales: The last train”

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